Insights into the male escort business

Some insights into the male escort business and the women who use them -

People that make the best male escorts, love women and love making them happy.
Many escorts decide to get into this line of work as they love the ladies, love spending time with them, learning about them and so they decide that a career as a male escort is tailor-made for them.

Being a male escort is a business and there are some formalities you have to take care of – such as registering as an escort and passing background checks.  

Being a male escort is a business but it’s just about the best business you can be in, because you are meeting a new woman practically every day. And there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as having a woman come back to them again and again because they’ve made her feel so special.

We hear some really interesting stories from our escorts, so we have shared a few below:

We won’t be sharing any names, of course! That’s another thing about the male escort business – sometimes we don’t reveal the names of our clients and we don’t reveal our own names, either. Women who use male escorts expect their privacy to be maintained.  And frankly male escorts value their privacy as well!

So…a few of the favorite stories we have heard…

How about one escorts time? He said he always remembered it, just because he was so nervous. He wasn’t nervous about not being able to perform…well, perhaps just a bit…but just, well…nervous.

Annabel – we’ll call her Annabel just because that’s not her name – had arranged to meet him at a hotel in Melbourne. He knocked and when she opened the door, she was fully dressed. He was a bit disconcerted by that – he had expected her to be wearing lingerie or perhaps just a bathrobe!

He had brought her a rose, and her face lit up when she saw that. She invited him in, and there was coffee waiting. Over coffee she told him that this was her first time using a male escort, and she was very nervous. That immediately set him at ease, as I’m sure you can imagine.

He took her coffee cup from her hands and placed it on the table, and then drew her to the bed and they began to kiss. And then he very slowly started to take off her clothes. That’s one thing that our escorts tell us they have learned about women, many of them get very aroused when they undress them, more so than if they are already dressed in sexy lingerie that can be slipped off in a few seconds.

What kinds of women use a male escort?

As many different kinds of women as you can imagine, for as many different reasons.

We’ve had clients that are single women, separated women, and married women.
Most of the women tend to be unhappy with their husbands for whatever reason. Too busy at work, no time for her, or sometimes – they just want a little bit of variety.

We’ve never encountered a woman yet, single or otherwise, who didn’t want to be catered to, and pampered, and treated like she was the only woman in the universe.  Whether an escort spends an hour with her, or several hours, that’s what they give her and that’s what gave her the feeling she wanted,  over and above the great sex!
When it comes to great sex…that’s another avenue where it is the woman usually tell the escort what she wants. Some women have a husband who prefers the missionary position all the time and don’t like to experiment.

Our escorts very rarely meet a woman in her own home – it’s usually in a hotel or motel. No surprise there – a hotel is much more discreet and it can also be a lot more luxurious. As a male escort you must be willing to travel, but there’s no hardship in that!

There’s no one “perfect” experience for a woman who books a male escort. Every woman is different. The key is to listen to her from the very beginning - and cater to her every desire. And there’s no hardship in that, either!

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